Judge Alex Show

Voted the most trustworthy face in daytime television, former police officer, attorney and Florida Circuit Court Judge Alex Ferrer hosted “Judge Alex,” the highly rated court room strip from Twentieth Television, for 9 years across 96% of the US.

Featured in People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive” issue, Judge Alex, is the only television judge with extensive police, legal and judicial experience, presided over a wide array of cases and resolved complicated issues with his straight forward approach and cogent rulings.

From consumer complaints, landlord disputes and co-worker conflicts, to confrontations between family and friends, Judge Alex consistently delivered a fair, decisive and tough brand of justice, while taking advantage of the humor found in his cases. With over 30 years of experience, Judge Alex Ferrer is respected by his peers, extremely knowledgeable of the law, and is always well-equipped to handle highly charged cases in a fair and insightful manner.

A frequent legal commentator on many national news programs, Judge Alex also continues to teach other judges and has authored a “bench book” on closing arguments that is used by judges throughout Florida.